The trend of 2011?

Typically we missed it when it first happened (kind of).

John Robb recently said that open source insurgency had gone mainstream, and he was probably right.  He also asked this question:

When is it going to happen to a company what just happened to Tunisia?

Well it seems it has.

While whats happening in Egypt has entered a new and disturbing phase the truth is the Egyptian People still have the power there.  Reports of 20 million people on the street eventually, not even the Egyptian Army could resist that.  I guess its up to the rest of us to keep an eye on Egypt and make sure people don’t start to (sorry, continue to) disappear now the army has power.  And encourage the Egyptians to keep at it, especially with all the strikes for better conditions and a continuing presence in Tahrir.

This isn’t just about Egypt tho.  This is about how easily open source and distributed stuff beats centralised closed source stuff.  Although its been happening for a while it really kicked off last year.  Last year power structures were challenged everywhere – the Australian Football League and St Kilda and the general “power” of footy institutions over individuals who take them on; the power of the US govt and its corporate mates vs wikileaks and anonymous are two that spring to mind.

Anyway anonymous and the Egyptians beat Aaron Barr and the Mubarak.

Its only 6 weeks into 2011.  Thats a trend.


~ by jules on February 14, 2011.

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