Where are these people?

1. Ahmed Seif El Islam (Human Rights Lawyer and former Director of HMLC)

2. Mohsen Beshir (HMLC Lawyer)

3. Mostafa Al Hassan (HMLC Lawyer)

4. Mouna AlMasry (HMLC Researcher)

5. Al Sayed Feky (HMLC Lawyer)

6. Fatma Abed (FDEP Volunteer)

7. Shahdan (FDEP Volunteer)

8. Nadine Abu Shadi (FDEP Volunteer)

9. Nadia Hashem (FDEP VOlunteer)

10. Ahmed Taher (Unconfirmed Name)

11. Ahmed Hamdy Mahmoud (Student from Assiut – source Gamal Eid)

12. Said Haddadi (AI)

13. ِAnother AI Staff member

14. Daniel Williams (HRW) (Update apparently released, commentator on the Arabist claims to have spoken with him.)

15. Sofia Amara (French citizen working for Magneto Press)

16. Pedro do Fonseca (Portugese Citizen working for Magneto Presse)

17. Kamal Samir (Volunteer/activist – unconfirmed)

18. Doaa (unconfirmed)

19. Amr Aly

20. Islam Gevara

21. Sameh Rushdi

22. Mohamed Helmy

23. Shadi Mohamed

Thanks to Ursula Lindsey at the Arabist for that list.  As i come across names of people missing I’ll be adding them.  (If I get confirmed info about their whereabouts I’ll post that too, or if someone else has that info please mention it below.)  Google’s Wael Ghonim isn’t on the list cos last reports were the Regime confirmed they had him in custody.  What for I don’t know, but at least he hasn’t “disappeared” without any trace.

There are probably hundreds if not thousands of others that are also being detained, interrogated and tortured right now. Frightening as the attacks on foreign journalists have been, most of our colleagues have emerged relatively unscathed. It’s the Egyptians being rounded up by police and intelligence that I truly fear for.

(From the Arabist’ post linked above.)

Latest updates from Tahrir Sq – tensions are rising between the army and the demonstrators, as the army tries to clear the square.

update Monday 11.58 AEDST:

As of now there are conflicting reports all over the place and it appears that all the HMLC detainees have been released tho nothing has been confirmed yet.  Its pretty hard to find info about this from Australia right now.

Egypt remembers is a website trying to name and pay tribute to those killed in the uprising.

Meanwhile the people in Egypt show no signs of backing down on their demands that the regime leave, the state of emergency ends and they begin a democratic just process of reform under their control.  They know backing down will mean a brutal crackdown by a torturer and murder hiding behind the position of VP.

update Tuesday 8 Feb:

Wael Ghonim has been released.



~ by jules on February 6, 2011.

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