Day of Departure?

Its 9.30 pm AEDST.  Thats about half an hour after midday Egypt time.

Things are tense, crowds are streaming to Tahrir.

The midday prayers have just finished.

Lets hope sanity prevails and the Regime falls today.  Mubarak is old skool tho, its hard to see him going without an ugly fight.

The rest of the world is with you Egypt.  Today you can be free.

Updates will follow as stuff happens.  Lets hope its all good.

From Hossam 3arabawy live footage from Tahrir 15 minutes ago, or there abouts.

Lots of people there…

quick note for young potential radicals:

Note how Hossam is able to transmit live video footage to the site I linked to.

Note also how on that site a google map window is there with the location where the footage originated.

During this uprising twitter users have been targeted, and possibly tracked using their online messaging.

It seems H is using this particular service only from safe locations, and as part of a publicity strategy that involves identifying where he is.   Just be aware of potential payoffs.  the NSA could probably find your phone anyway, but groups of paid thugs looking for anyone on a list might not have access to those resources.  In some cases with twitter and other stuff they don’t need them.

The Ranting Sandmonkey may have been tracked via his twitter postings before he was detained the other day.

An open source world is open source.  That means anyone can access it.

update Sat middayish (AEDST):

Well its about 4 am over there, after a momentous day where Mubarak still didn’t go.  If the baltagis are gonna attack again they should be getting ready to go in the next half an hour.  The worst time is 4.30 am – humans are at their most tired, thats why so many police forces use that time to conduct raids.  Some students of Chi reckon thats the time when Yin is at its maxima, and just before the Yang half of a humans daily cycle begins.  Lets hope nothing happens in the next few hours.

To me that would mean the pro regime thugs aren’t as organised and switched on as some people think.

My impression from following the events of the last 24 hours is that something has given (again) in the protesters favour.  That maybe the army realises it has to be on the “people’s” side if it wants to avoid tearing itself apart.

After all everyone in the square seems to be saying this:

And they have done it on international television/video.  Its been seen by everyone.  These brave people, like Ahmed above, have put themselves on the line.  They are risking everything with this.  If they back down now the regime will come for them on their own, late at night, early in the morning and its unlikely they’ll ever see the light of day again.

They know this and still they are prepared to make their stand.

We have to do whatever we can from the ‘outside world’ to support them as they claim their own future on their own terms.

Protesters demands in Tahrir.

Thanks to Hossam 3arabawy for the photo.

Latest reports are that there is some gunfire and the molotov wielding thugs are back.

NY Times report from detained reporters. No wonder people are over Mubarak.

Latest from Hossam

10 mins earlier, Dr Beltagui of the Ikhwan asked protesters not to resist the army. He was booed

protesters have slept in front of the tanks to stop them.

the army is moving in, trying to remove Barricades around Tahrir set up by protesters near Abdel Moneim Riyadh sq.

Don’t let ’em in peeps.


update 10 pm Sat (AEDST):

Latest from Hossam:

mahmoudellozy @3arabawy It is America and Israel’s army. Mubarak is merely the caretaker.

the army has deployed soldiers, cordoning off protesters who r sleeping in front of the tanks from the rest of the square.

from day 1 i’ve been screaming: Do NOT trust the army. This is Mubarak’s army not Egypt’s army.

the army is trying to ban people from entering Tahrir. The soldiers r trying to block Qasr el Nil bridge.

If this is true (and Hossam is pretty reliable) then this could go bad really quickly.  Still they can’t back down now.  If the army are gonna do bad shit now then it won’t end with the protesters going home, Sulliedman will get the chance to put all his torture skillz to work.


~ by jules on February 4, 2011.

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  1. i love it

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