Tea party rhetoric and state violence P1.

Sometime between now and when I finish this post the inquiry into John T Williams’ death should have a verdict of sorts.

Some people think the cop charged with the shooting is responsible for the act, and yes he is.  Whatever bollocks was written in his PD’s publication.

Its obvious Beck’s inciteful routines, and other tea party rhetoric has contributed to some violence in the US.  There’s no argument about that.  While its clear that some people would like to draw a straight line from the rhetoric of the rabid US political right and the shootings in Tuscon cos it suits their worldview, it ain’t that easy yet.  Whether they directly influenced Loughner or even Byron Williams (directly influenced, remember) is not really relevant – they probably didn’t influence Loughner any more than the rest of American culture did.  After all violence and “heroic” lone action is fundamental to American life.

This is a country where one of the biggest television hits of this century regularly features the hero torturing people.  Apparently justifiably so as well.  (As if its ever justifiable.)  Where another massive television hit is about a serial killer whose rampage is somehow justified, although perhaps this second show is a little more nuanced.  It still starts from a point where extra judicial murder is considered a reasonable behaviour.

In both cases a super empowered individual acts in defiance of the rule of law for a “higher purpose”.  Obviously not inhibited by the squeamishness most of us ordinary law obeying sorts feel, these individuals heroically disregard the law while taking human life to achieve their ends.  (We all know the connection between superheroes and fascism.)  These guys get the job done, cos obviously the law itself and our own wussiness aren’t actually enough to protect us.  We need them and their brutality, they are our true saviours and protectors.

Cops are American heroes – true saviours and protectors.  Powerful, trusted, uniformed and always right.  They have to protect the American way from the threats it faces, and from itself.  This is clear from the Guardian editorials.

The city, using its Race and Social Justice Initiative (RSJI), continues its assault on traditional and constitutional American values such as self reliance, equal justice, and individual liberty.

Social justice is a socialist scheme that judges people not as individuals, but by their race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status. Again, please research it yourself. The groups touting social justice all tend toward the political left, including socialist and communist groups.

By this method, if we aren’t careful, we will literally vote ourselves into tyranny. Some think we came pretty damn close to it in 2008:

They attempt to make us feel comfortable with socialist and progressive terminology through repetition and saturation.  The Race and Social Justice Initiative, SPD Race and Social Justice Change Team, and Race and Social Justice Survey.  I’m waiting for the Race and Social Justice Torchlight Parade and the Race and Social Justice 10K Race þr Social Justice: On and on it goes until, they hope,the term no longer riles us.

I’ve given some thought to my own RSJI participation to date. The “Perspectives in Profiling” class (or as one officer put it, one of our “de-policing classes”) served as a good way to learn what the enemy is up to. (Yes, enemy. A liberal after my money in taxes may be my opponent, but a socialist attacking the Constitution and my liberty is my enemy).

I’ll leave you with this refresher employing the RSJI, the City of Seattle is actually deciding on which people do or do-not “merit ‘punishment’ for a crime, based upon their race, ethnic heritage, and/or socio-economic status. So far this only applies to DWLS3, but one has to ask, what’s next? They’re also deciding purchases and the issuing of city contracts based upon similar criteria.  This is social justice, folks, and  socialism has no place in Seattle, and positively no place in the Seattle Police Department.

Yep.  There you go.  The very idea of social justice riles them.  Especially one Steve Pomper, and his so called “libertarian”, tea party mentality.  I do love it when cops start pointing out the dangers of democracy.  Makes me feel all safe inside.

BTW –  A libertarian policeman!  Thats a laugh.  He must use the Catallaxy Files definition of “libertarianism”.

More from constable Steve:

The many police officers I’ve heard from have had visceral responses to those in Seattle who want to institute socialistic initiatives and policies in the community they serve and protect.

When Seattle’s government says racial profiling is evil beoause it treats one citizen differently than another in contravention of equal protection for all, they are 100% correct. The cops agree; that’s why we don’t do it.  (That one made me snort my coffee – j.)

Thats interesting enough, but you should see what comes next:

As the great 18th Century British statesman and American Revolution supporter Edmund Burke once said, “Those who attempt to level never equalize. In all societies some description must be uppermost. The levellers, therefore, only change and pervert the natural order of things; they load the edifice of society by setting up in the air what the solidity of the structure requires to be on the ground.

It’s ironic that in essence those who favor social justice’s benign racial profiling, an attempt to level, if you will, violate the 14th Amendment, at the very least in spirit, if not in letter.  And this is actually beyond ironic considering the 14th Amendment was instituted because southern Democrats refused to recognize emancipated slaves, and even free blacks, now fully American citizens, were entitled to Constitutional rights and protections.

A cop who is either on drugs or really can’t see the irony.  And is making up bullshit – no I’m not an American but he is an idiot if he thinks the racial justice initiative is somehow in violation of the 14th amendment.   In fact he admits it actually isn’t.  Ultimately this is just another one of those crazy rightard attempts to turn the world into opposite day.  Glen Beck is MLK with all his non violent calls for decency, and racial profiling never happens in PDs.

At least he lets slip what the cop’s true role is, to maintain the social hierarchy.  Clearly in Pomper’s case thats one where those naturally born to rule can decide what is racial profiling and what isn’t.  And if democracy gets in the way well… maybe cops will have to do something about it themselves.  To maintain the proper order in America.

Once, again, we are in a position to reiterate that America stands for equal justice not social justice. Let’s call for Seattle govemment to abandon its misguided push for social justice as they define it, and most certainly to divorce the SPD from any association with this highly politically partisan effort.

Ok.  We have some themes here.  the super powered individual acting outside the law as a vital part of American culture.  An aspect of American culture thats getting ever sicker as it legalises torture, abandons ancient principles of western law and disappears into a logic vacuum in a desperate search for self justification.

And an editorial in a PD calling for the abandonment of “socialist” values, like trying to address institutionalised racism.  Here is a cop telling other cops that not only doesn’t he care how he discriminates against other people he is gonna keep on doing it and so should they.  After all there is an 18th century social order at stake.

A cop from East District – the same guys who raided a war veteran on Oct 25th last year with a fucking swat team for 2 medical marijuana plants that were actually deemed legal.  No doubt if the guy had tried to call a lawyer as they battered the door in they would have shot him and called it a drug related killing.  Despite the fact that they left the property after the search unable to seize anything.  Cos the pot was legal.  Here’s a case where they deliberately violated the city’s policy again, why – just so they could kick in someones door and act tough?  No criticism of that Steve, you so called libertarian.

What we do see with these themes is the sort of thinking thats used to justify stuff like the shooting of John T Williams.

Just the sort of person who would have been targeted by typical police profiling.  He was poor, homeless even, indigenous – not a US citizen.  Certainly not white like the bloke/prick who shot him.  And obviously he had a life knife and wasn’t sufficiently deferential to a guy who shot him within a few seconds of leaving a police vehicle.  His knife was legal, and found by his body unopened.  What is it with Seattle cops and excessive, brutal responses to legal behaviour?

Clearly they think the law doesn’t apply to them, after all they have to enforce it.

IN Part 2 I’ll look at some other attitudes expressed in the Guardian and we’ll have a look at how they could have contributed to John T Williams shooting.


~ by jules on January 24, 2011.

3 Responses to “Tea party rhetoric and state violence P1.”

  1. Indeed. What is it with SPD?

    Lemme tell you this, as a citizen of Seattle, that as a white dude, I have never been in a city whose police department is seriously so chill. If you are white you can seriously do whatever you want. You rarely ever see police anywhere and when you do they’re hassling white scrubs on the Ave and/or they’re in the CD, downtown or Rainier Valley. BUT. . .

    I have also never encountered a police department so totally unconcerned with anything ever should it not deal with sweatin’ a minority. This is a geographically slender city with a strange old money and connected core more than likely stemming from UW/MSFT/Boeing connections. There are some people and establishments here who can get away with anything and are untouchable.

  2. The next part of this is gonna be looking at that. Its just been a bit hectic here. I would have hoped to have done it by now.
    Some of those other Guardian op ed things are pretty nasty and in light of what you just said they make more sense.
    The stuff these coppers reckon they should be able to say in public, representing the state – its not really good. No wonder Seattle felt the need to implement a Race and Social Justice policy.

  3. thanks

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