Time for some perspective.

A moving, inclusive speech from last week.

Obama doing what he does best, in its entirety:

Obama on the dead girl, (thats her below):

I want to live up to her expectations. (Applause.) I want our democracy to be as good as Christina imagined it. I want America to be as good as she imagined it. (Applause.) All of us — we should do everything we can to make sure this country lives up to our children’s expectations. (Applause.)

Oops.  Wrong photo.  I don’t know who that girl is.  Do you?

To Obama’s credit he does a little double take after that joke, and you can see that he wishes he could wind back time and reel those words in.  But he can’t, the moving finger writes and having spoken doesn’t give a stuff how embarrassed you or I might be about it.

That joke really is the sort of thing I’d expect to hear from the last guy.  But thats the trouble.

Obama is the last guy.

They were both The President of The United States, and when they speak they speak for power.  (And these days power jokes about killing kids with UAVs)

It doesn’t matter how much Obama believes his words, and no matter how admirable his personal qualities are, they are not enough to break the hold of that most powerful of Cold Monsters -The United States Government.  On the surface his personal qualities may temper the worst of the states excesses, in the way the idiot that preceded him enabled them.  But thats it.

(A frightening thought when you consider who his next opponent might be, and if they won.  I remember how unthinkable it was last time.)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I could do better, cos I probably couldn’t.

Could any of us?  In his position can you say you’d do better?  Especially when the only pressure you face comes from corporate interest?  And none of the people who believe in you, and could give you the power (and criticism) you really need, will.  Because they’re too busy shouting with a bunch of idiots about nothing?

Obama is the voice and the leader of a powerful entity.  If you can control an egregore it will give you great power, but this one is not being controlled by the people who should control it – they are distracted by a dangerous sideshow.  One supported by many of the same interests that place the only pressure on Obama that he is actually getting.  Funny that.

Those corporate interests are laughing now, and wondering if maybe they have mastered some of the more esoteric aspects of that ancient Eastern military theory they all devour.  They must be thinking they can do magic, cos they have controlled the most powerful egregore in the world.  And they control their most powerful threat too, by saying “Look over there, at those loud angry people with guns.

Wow – can you believe the nerve of that?  A movement thats basically associated with the republican party calling itself The 9/12 ProjectWe the People Demand Answers!!!

Thats typical of the Tea Party tho.  They have an identifiable tactic that they use for most of their propaganda.  They aren’t the issue here, just yet.  Obama is and we need some perspective about what he represents.

He represents the most powerful force in the world.

And while he might think that image, in front of a monument carved by a prominent member of the KKK, is a sign of how far they have come, Leonard Peltier or Rick Williams might see things differently.

The noise about a recent shooting in the US is still deafening and still inspiring revulsion.

Note to dickheads – the big difference between yourselves and MLK is that he is dead arseholes!!!  Shot by your mates, and by the same ” people” that shot John T Williams.

And that is someone whose death you are responsible for.

As is Obama, in a slightly more obtuse way, as head of a nation that allows its agents of state to do shit like one of them did back on August 30 last year.  Come on reader, you didn’t think I’d let that one go did you?

Giffords was a pollie who called for the “Arizona Wall” to be maintained with more effort from the federal government, who bragged about having drones deployed in the border region and sponsered all sorts of interesting legislation about the movement of cash by poor and stateless persons.  She is part of a govt that can be blamed for a huge chunk of the chaos Mexico is now subject to.  The same govt that acquired the very territory where she was shot against the will of the people of Mexico, after a resource war against Mexico and that now calls some Mexicans “illegal”.

Yet somehow her death is emblematic of someone else’s racism.

While yet another someone else, who actually was displaced by America is gunned down on the street by an  American Lawman for simply being there.  For  having the nerve to exist.  What can we take from this except that unpeople don’t matter?

That the tea party isn’t a threat to the power structure, just to how some people in the power structure see themselves.  Cos the power structure is there in all the privileged commentators heads.  The Walled World’s walls are physical but not just physical.  They exist in the mind of commentators everywhere who see the deaths in Tuscon, and the shooting of a politician as something horrendous and don’t see the death of a homeless man at the hands of cop as anything.

They don’t see it at all.


~ by jules on January 19, 2011.

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  1. thnx bro

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