Send in the racist arseclowns.

I’m quite busy at the moment, and can’t really justify the time to post here, but I couldn’t let this shit slide.

Tokenism.  Thanks for that Tony.

You jerk.

At the moment we are organising a footy carnival.

A one day round robin affair.

We asked the local blackfellas if they wanted to do a welcome to country at the start of the carnival  Of course its pure tokenism.  Especially with regard to Aussie Rules.  I mean what have blackfellas ever done for that game? Nothing.

(Apologies to the many great players who didn’t get a show then.  Too many of you.)

Stupid wankers.

Do you have any idea?  Pull your heads out fellas, you farts aren’t perfume, they smell bad, and your complete and utter shit leaves a bitter taste in everyone’s mouth.

Anyway our club has a strong indigenous representation, as does the town.  We do know the score and understand that a welcome to country is a sign of respect.  Its how things were done here (well in spirit if the form is different,) for thousands and thousands of years.  Its all of our heritage.  Thats part of what it means, its a heritage thats being offered to everyone, not being kept to the indigines.

We are taking part in a welcoming ceremony thats thousands of years old.  You know what?

Its also an Australian welcoming ceremony that is thousands of years old.

If you think thats tokenism, and there are some people who treat the process that way, it does have no meaning to them, then perhaps you should piss off back to Europe or wherever the hell it was you came from.

And its a recognition of our past, whatever the rights and wrongs of it.  It recognises pain and humanity in our fellow Australians, and its something we should have done a long time ago.  Wankers like Wilson Tuckey should be aware of that.  Not only should they thank their lucky stars they are on Australian soil, they should thank the rest of us for not locking them up in Woomera then sending them back where they belong.

They plainly don’t deserve to be here, having no appreciation for the place.

Other people have done a better job of expressing their disapointment rationally, but you know what.  I’m over it.

Abetz, Dutton, Tuckey, Abbot … you lot wouldn’t deserve a piss in the ear if your collective brain (well half a brain) was on fire.


~ by jules on March 18, 2010.

5 Responses to “Send in the racist arseclowns.”

  1. I wrote and posted this nearly a year ago. Although I have been a bit put off by my sense off aggro ever since I still stand by the sentiments and the sense of outrage.

    But ever since, and especially in light of recent events, I wonder what the usefulness of such a piece is.

    Ironic since I’m about to start writing them again but there you have it.

  2. One ugly blog.

    I do enjoy your ability to believe you are such a kind hearted, forgiving person – at the same time spewing hate and bile. You must really, really need a boyfriend.

    It is Tokenism. And its CRAP.

    I’ll be sure to tell the next drunken ‘Indigenous’ that berates me on the train after working all day to pay for his afternoon at the pub and to ‘Give him all I got’ to come and read your blog.

    I’m sure he’ll think its great.

    • Bloody drunken Indigenouses…

      What is it about Australians and getting shit faced drunk.

      And no its not tokenism. Its an Australian welcoming ceremony thats thousands of years old. If you don’t like that Fuck Off back to Europe.

      • Nah, just got back from a holiday there. Was great, you should try it.

        Oh, And I was born here.

        How about you move forward, wasn’t me, or anyone alive that did anything to the Aboriginals on settlement.

        This token crap about being the rightful owners just widens the gap. But you can’t see the forest from the trees…because your so so angry.

      • Nah, just got back from a holiday there. Was great, you should try it.

        Oh, And I was born here.

        So? You didn’t do the place any favours coming back.

        How about you move forward, wasn’t me, or anyone alive that did anything to the Aboriginals on settlement.

        Er no not on settlement, but I can bet you there are people still alive who did stuff they should have gone to prison for.

        Nice one tho, equating teh gap with recognising indigenous culture. Thats classy. Wait no its not, its downright crappy.

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