Too Big To Bust?

Steal a little and they throw you in jail,
Steal a lot and they make you king.  – Bob Dylan

Jeff Wells, my favorite blogger, often  starts his increasingly rare posts with a little quote, usually from Bob Dylan.  Jeff’s material isn’t for everyone.  But he is a great writer and constructs essays well.  He has a biting sense of humour too.

Obviously I am into what are deridingly considered “conspiracy theories”.  ( I wouldn’t be starting my first “proper” blog post with a reference to the best essayist on deep politics, the deep state and conspiracy theories there is otherwise.)    And certainly some of those “theories” deserve scorn.  Some don’t tho.  And cos its a pointless prick of a term I’m not gonna use it anymore.  That phrase is too effective a thought killer.

I sometimes go offline for a while, sometimes I just don’t even bother with a computer, and once when I got my first computer in a year or two it was Jeff who reintroduced me to Sibel Edmonds, tho I hadn’t really been that acquainted with her tale.  I was aware she had something to do with “9/11 Truth”.  I’ll assume no one reading this has just crawled out of a hole in a mountain and knows something about that.

But she is far more important than that, (ha, plenty of truthers might disagree.)

For a start she’s inspired me to buy next months Hustler.  For the articles obviously, well one in particular, its not like I need to pay for pictures of gynecological exams.

What a doozy that article looks to be.

For years we wondered what could be so damaging that Sibel Edmonds was subject to two gag orders under the US State Secrets Privilege.  Especially given the first one.  The Hustler article finally names the names, some pretty funky ones at that.  And suddenly that first gag order doesn’t seem to matter so much.

You can read the link above for the details on the way Congressman Dennis Hastert (R-Illinois), former Speaker of the House, got up to all sorts of no good on behalf of the Turkish government.  Hastert is now out of politics and guess what.  He makes shitloads of money lobbying on behalf of the Turkish govt.  Does that sound familiar to any Australian readers?  The whole issue of ex politicians becoming lobbyists, and corruption of various sorts is probably worth some deeper examination.

But hey forget that petty shit, lets cut to the chase:

Douglas Feith, Paul Wolfowitz and Marc Grossman.

Who?  You ask.  As if.

According to Friedman’s article in Hustler:

Additionally, Edmonds claimed that Grossman, the U.S. Ambassador to Turkey before taking his State Department post, had tipped off Turkish diplomats to the true identity of covert CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson’s front company, Brewster Jennings & Associates, a full three years prior to their being publicly outed by columnist Robert Novak. That in itself, according to George H.W. Bush, would be an act of treason carried out by “the most insidious of traitors.”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, before that paragraph he delivers this gem:

Edmonds said that Feith and Wolfowitz were involved in plans to break Iraq into U.S. and British protectorates months prior to 9/11. She also claimed that the duo shared information with Grossman on how to blackmail various officials and that Grossman had accepted cash to help procure and sell nuclear weapons technology to Israel and Turkey—and, from there, on to the foreign black market. There the technology would be purchased by the highest bidder, such as Pakistan, Iran, Libya, North Korea or possibly even al-Qaeda.

Did I just read that right?  Marc Grossman conspired to sell US nuclear weapons tech that was destined for the black market?  Then proceeded to do it, or at least try?

That seems to be the theory.


Thats full on.

Anyway it seems Hustler is the only magazine with the cojones to even touch this story.  I haven’t seen the movie about Larry Flynt, and the last time I brought a Hustler magazine was 1995, but I have noticed he doesn’t seem to mind standing up and saying what he thinks.  He was a strident critic of the Bush admin, and that wasn’t the first.  He welcomed Obama with open arms, bought all the Hope and Change bullshit – you can hardly call him a wingnut, and … well he took a bullet in the spine and that didn’t shut him up or stop him doing his thing.

So what are the implications of all this?

Well apart from the obvious, Friedman has come up with a very interesting one.

As noted, Hastert now works for Turkey, and Grossman now works for a Turkish company and as a lobbyist—no doubt raking in a pretty penny from both. Hastert and Grossman repeatedly ignored requests to comment on these charges.

The mainstream U.S. media, however, apparently remain uninterested in investigating any of it. Not even after Cole himself called for a “Special Counsel” to investigate and prosecute. So what the hell is going on here?
Giraldi believes that, as with companies such as AIG and GM becoming “too big to fail,” the size and success of this massive national security espionage scandal has simply become too big to bust.

Too big to bust ….

What that really means is that this is the sort of thing that could really end the legitimacy of the US govt, especially if it doesn’t stop with Grossman.  And without a proper open investigation none of us will ever know.

Nothing is too big to bust tho.  Its actually failing to act on this that is the sure way to lose legitimacy.  Acting decisively, openly and with a real sense of making the myth of justice actually mean something – thats really the only way the US govt will restore its legitimacy once this all comes out.

And it will, thanks to Sibel Edmonds courageous and determined whistleblowing.


~ by jules on February 23, 2010.

2 Responses to “Too Big To Bust?”

  1. Glad to see you’ve decided to give blogging a shot. I’ve always enjoyed your contributions over at RI.

    The “Too big to…” thing I just don’t get. Or, rather, from the standpoint of assuming that the government is actually in the business of working towards the best interests of governed, it doesn’t make any sense. Which is to say that I do “get” it, and am all the more infuriated for it.

    Also, and related, is the shocking number of congress-peoples and insiders that came across Sibel’s radar in the course of this investigation. Really makes you wonder how widespread this kind of thing is. Or, it would make you wonder, if it ever got reported, which undoubtedly has a lot to do with the too-big-to-bust thing.

    Which brings up something else. If I were a little more suspicious of the forces that are running the show over here in the USofA (and you know I am), I might start to wonder if this wasn’t even really an investigation into Turkish covert ops, and was actually an ongoing investigation into the activities of elected and appointed gov. officials (as in, EVERYONE gets investigated), that just happened to unearth the Turkish angle. But that would be crazy.

    • Cheers luposapien, thanks for dropping by.

      Or, rather, from the standpoint of assuming that the government is actually in the business of working towards the best interests of governed, it doesn’t make any sense. Which is to say that I do “get” it, and am all the more infuriated for it.

      I think the real problem with democracy is the combination of size and apathy.

      It only works for the people who are involved, and in the US federal system that really just seems to be Washington DC, and the people who live there.

      Or really the people who move there to be involved with govt. Its ironic the people of Washington don’t get congressional representation, well thats what I have been led to believe.

      There’s a big separation between the process of govt and the people. I recently read a study of social networks, and how they have an optimum size, perhaps a few hundred members, to a few thousand. There’s a definite threshold where the size of the group becomes so big that people feel intimidated commenting. They feel disconnected from the personal nature of the network when it was smaller.

      I honestly don’t feel thats the case in Australia. Back in the 97/98 when the worldwide FTA by stealth, the Multilateral Agreement on Investment, started getting some attention, I got involved and started making a fuss about it.

      I actually heard most politicians in Australia were unaware of the negotiations and the probable outcomes. I rang a couple to ask. One in particular, Natasha Stott De Spoja (sp?), a South Australian senator had no need or interest to listen to me, I was in no way one of her direct constituents. She gave me hours of her time on the phone, once at the expense of her party leader Meg Lees. I particular remember that chat, cos it got me thinking she was a pollie with some worth. We had some very interesting chats. And yeah, it was not well known among Australian federal politicians. Ultimately that agreement, that seemed like a foregone conclusion was killed. By worldwide grass roots action across the entire political spectrum.

      I was told about it by a member of One Nation, a party thats the antithesis of everything I believe in.

      Two points to take from that story.

      Nothing is too big to bust,

      and perhaps democracies get too big to function effectively.

      Cos I dunno if I could have had the access to a federal senator from another state that easily in the US, or many places outside Australia, seriously after our first conversation I could ring straight through to her. And I was just some schmuck nobody from the bush. Really. Neighbours, community and family and friends knew me. No one else.

      So ultimately we do have the power to make change happen. But we have to exercise it ourselves. If we let others do it on our behalf without keeping a close eye on them thats when things start to go to shit.

      Thats why all that Obama hope and change stuff faded to nothing. People thought electing him was the job, and all that needed to be done, when really it was just the first step. Everyone sat back and let things go along – business as usual. Imagine if there was a tea bagger like movement that came from the anti war, pro universal health care side of the US body politic over the last 12 months… I can see why they get so much traction, even tho I disagree with their worldview.

      Ultimately if that movement could be hijacked to demand a proper investigation of Edmonds claims that’d be something worthwhile. Astroturfing sucks and it’d be great to subvert it toward something useful.

      I doubt it’d work from the 9/11 angle, especially after what Glenn Beck said recently. But nuclear espionage is a huge thing. I think that really deserves public attention, and am astounded in some ways, cos we’ve heard those rumours for years, and they always seemed pretty full on, even in the context of everything else that drew attention to her.

      And really if someone’s prepared to sell nukuler secrets, especially if they had prior knowledge that they’d end up on the black market, then wtf are they doing in govt, and what else are they capable of?

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