I’m doing a uni degree.  I start tomorrow.

Its a BA, at Southern Cross University, Lismore campus.

I’ll be doing one major in history and politics and one based on the work of Guattari and Deluze.  Specifically focusing on their concept of Rhizome.  well thats the plan.  So I’ll probably end up doing something else.

All this in the context of the ideas of people like John Robb and Jeff Vail, specifically with the practical applications of these ideas to forming “resilient communities”.

The domain name comes from that well known Nietzsche quote:

“The state is the coldest of cold monsters.”

Lets look at that too.

The most effective and useful model or metaphor for the state is a that of an egregore – a conscious entity created by thought and belief.  Academics and rationalists will bend over backwards to describe how this appearance is an illusion caused by the actions of the individuals in relation to the dynamics of the group, and to an extent they have a point.

But that reductionist approach is ultimately unsatisfactory.  It doesn’t take into account the “religious” nature of the state and its ability to insinuate itself into the lives of everyone that comes into contact with it.

Although this isn’t a political blog, it’ll get political.

And it’ll get pretty strange too.   I’m not a big fan of rationality.

Anyway have fun.  If you find this blog on your travels, hi and welcome.  If you know me from online and I’ve hassled you into coming here then cheers, and how cool is the image in my header.

Thats the first sunlight to hit Australia in 2009 just sliding over the horizon.


~ by jules on February 21, 2010.

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